Tube Labeler and Preparer



Gelecek Yazılım and Mühendislik Ltd. offers you intelligent preanalytic solutions.

The preanalytic phase is an important component of total laboratory quality. A wide range of variables that affect the result for a patient from whom a specimen of blood  including the procedure for collection, handling, and processing before analysis, constitute the preanalytic phase.

Preanalytical errors constitute more than 70% of all errors occured in clinical laboratories. Most of the pre-analytical errors occur during patient preparation, sample collection, sample transportation and preparation and sample storage.*


*Lippi, “Preanalytical quality improvement: from dream to reality”, Clin Chem Lab Med, 49(7),1113–1126.(2011)



Futurelab Systems help you reduce and prevent preanalytical errors

The Futurelab systems focuse on reducing errors which occurs in preanalytic processes (tubes with specimen labels attached, specimen labels, and patient identification labels); guarantees patient and specimen safety; shortens preparation times; improve cenvenience for both medical technicians and patients. With the development of the health quality standarts and widely usage of automation eligible preanalytic devices which minimize errors, logs operational data for analytic processes.

The Futurelab systems communicate with LIS/HIS (Laboratory Information System/Hospital Information System) and gets the data about specimen and patient. System automatically selects the proper tubes and labels the patients information on tubes and transfer the prepared specimens to the phlebotomist. After the sample approval criteria of laboratory and sorts the tube for laboratory devices.


Time Saving

Futurelab automates the preanalytical process so that tube labeling and preparation times are reduced.


Futurelab prevents patient samples matching error.

Error Prevention

Futurelab prevents wrong patient, wrong labeling, wrong tube and wrong data errors.


Futurelab records all preanalitic processes from the doctor’s request to the sorting of the tubes.

Cost Saving

Futurelab avoids repetitions in preanalytic process by minimizing preanalytic errors.